Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Images by Leo

I have always felt it necessary for my children to prepare themselves for any inevitability no matter how remote. To those ends, they pursue every opportunity presented to them.

I think we should start calling your residence The Sadorf Compound.
Away, you Trotskyite with the cactus hat! I know your kind. You weasel yourself in like some well meaning purveyor of truth and then you subvert our kids with stuff like free thought and libertarian principles. Oh, yeah. Next you want us to talk to the cretins next door and maybe treat them somehow better than they deserve.

After that it's downhill and there are Fuller Brush guys at our front door and Amway peddlers at the back door. I don't even want to get into the back door scenario.

My children are sequestered from every evil that you Bolsheviks can deal out. I got your number and it's 666.

Cross the street. Go the other direction. Us Americans are ready for you freedom thinking fifth columnists and your hordes of writers and commentators.

No more A.M. talk radio. Them radical no-nothings and hep-talking radio talk guys like Rush and Savage ain't gonna get their liberal thought-dreams into my house. No way, no how.

No way. No time. No how. Not in America. Us real patriots are m ore than ready to throw youse to the bulkheads, whatever that means.
I assume you have already removed the fillings from your teeth so THEY can't brainwash you with radio signals.

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