Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I have a hat made from the fibers of these magnificent cacti. Hard bargaining won it in Nogales, Sonora, on 26 March 2005. Financing provided by Leo.

This is the Lower San Pedro River Valley, between the Galiuro and Santa Catalina mountain ranges, east of Tucson.

Awesome desert/mountain panorama, Chronicler - probably looked just like that back in the days of Cochise and his buddies...
ThanksPeggi !

I did a little Internet research on those Galiuro Mountains in the background, and here is a snippet from one observer:

"They are part of the Coronado National Forest. Approximately 90,000 acres have been designated as wilderness and the region's inaccessibility has kept it mostly wild. They are an outstanding example of public lands managed not only for recreation but for those intangible values associated with wilderness: solitude, habitat preservation, the joy of navigating through trackless catclaw and manzanita thickets ... "

I may not come out alive, but I am determined to go backpacking in a place such as that. I did so once, long ago, in the Beartooth Primitive Area in the Absaroka Wilderness in Western Montana.

Moses, David and Jesus went to places such as these.

There's nothing like going into the wilderness alone. I know there's always a possibility of running into wild animals and/or crazy weirdos, etc. (and usually I DO go with other hikers) but it's different to be there alone - with your own thoughts & feel like you're the only person in the world. The way I figure it you're probably as safe there alone as you are on a busy highway anywhere in the world (of course, if my daughter ever did that I'd have to ground her for life....=)
Thanks for your concern!

: )

I won't be nearly as adventurous as the Prophets were.
Ah, but being adventurous is a good thing (just always remember to take along some water, and mace is probably a good idea too =)!!!!!
Si, SeƱora!
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