Monday, November 21, 2005

Willie and me

This is my friend Willie. He runs the men's room concession at a gin joint called Lucille's. I met Willie the other night, when I was in there divesting myself of a half-dozen Stoli-and Red Bulls. Willie comes up behind me when I wasn't looking and sprays me with some Axe deodorant. I'm like, "Fuck was that?" The Bulls have got me a little jumpier than usual, so when I whip around to see, I splashed Willie a bit. Willie's all freaked out and says, "Man, I was jes' tryin' to make you smell good." So, I calmed down and we got to talking, and then this damn drunk started gettin' in his face, asking to be sprayed with some lilac water or something. So me an' Willie kick-fucked the shit outta him and then made him take our picture as his penance. Not bad for a Thursday night.

Photo orchestrated by the Privvy Tipper

This fellow looks genuinely afraid of you, and also a little bit amused. His outfit makes a nice contrast with your own.

Two dapper fellows.
Yeah, those outfits are way neato Mr. T =) (I'm confused, is your last name Tripper or Tipper?)
It's Tipper, because a privvy is an outhouse, and, well, you get it!
OK - yeah, I was aware of the privy-outhouse connection, but he has been signing things Tipper and Tripper, so I was just a tad confused.... =)
Where does this tipper/tripper debate come in? How can he be signing as tripper. I set the mug up as tipper. I'm from Milwaukee and I oughta know.
Ah ha, I see now that *someone* has gone in and changed ALL of his posts to Tipper, so now *I* look like the crazy one =) mwaaahaaahaaaaaaa
Where do you get this tripper stuff from? Besides, I don't think he could go back and change all his posts.

Musta just been a faux pas on your part.
"Faux pas", vous dites? Le non, je croyez que c'etait une "erreur typographique" que j'etais astucieux pour localiser..... =)
Leonard, I think she just told you to go soak your head in a horse trough.
Mes non, mon ami. No cheval. Cherchez la vache.
Now Ted, you know I would never say such a thing to Leo=)!
hmmmmmmmmm :-)
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