Monday, December 19, 2005

Because len was bein' so mean to me last week, I am postin' a picture when I had a few less lbs on me. I still move like a jungle cat, however. len moves like a ponderous hippo.
Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

You used to wear that army jacket at OU.

I guess we can expect a "skinny Len" photo posted now, although the Len & Lar site is full of them! Did he eat in those days?
Oh, lar. I believe I took that pitcher. I have the original ektachrome in my archive. I made youse a print for your birthday or something.
even with my slight addition of girth, I am still svelt. Yes I did eat; anything that wasn't nailed down and often someone elses'. As far as the jungle cat is concerned, did you ever notice that they go after the sick, lame, too old or too young whan they hunt, as they can't catch anything after they blow that initial burst of energy. Shootin' the wad, I believe they call it. The ponderous hippo, on the other hand, knows where'he's going and fears nothing. Like his cousin the pachyderm, he wanders free and is threatened by no one.
It took len hours to come up with that sluggish prose. he moves in gleasonesque fashion
Now, Lar. Would that be Jackie or Ralph? Either way, I'm touched that you noticed. Actually, It rolled out of my fingers like quicksilver.
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