Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bowled Over

A man's mind is not always on sex. Occasionally he is stunned by other works of Nature. And he is bowled over.

Theo, a man's mind is never that banal. Man's mind is never on sex. It may drift there every 5 minutes or so. But at this age, who needs more than that? Besides which, can one ignore the phallic nature of these skywardly jutting towers of rhyloite?
I find myself thinking about sex many times a day. Living like a monk will do that to you.
Phallic? No my brother. I look at the infinite array of rhyolite formations as a delicate flower of sweet invaginations, a labyrinthian world to explore, where I can stretch my legs until exhaustion, mounting the summit, descending into the valley, all the while immersing myself in a phantasmagoric wonderland. Just the anticipation of it makes my heart flutter and my knees grow weak.
Yikes! Delicate flower? Labyrinthian world to explore? Mounting the summit? Into the valley? Immersing yourself in a phantasmagoric wonderland?

Freud would have a heyday with that.
Yeah, with all that talk, he reminds me of one a those flower paintings (that aren't really flowers) by Georgia O'Keeffe
LOL I think the Chronicler must just have a rather "fertile" imagination =)
Hee, hee, hee. We oughta change his moniker to Teddy Cactus Seed. He would become a folk legend, bigger than he already is.
They're not flowers? What are they?
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