Friday, December 09, 2005

Hey, look what a buck'll buy you at the Purple Heart store on Layton.
Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

You NUT!

You haven't changed a bit since I first met you in 1981.

A kid forever.

It's cool how you did the twirl effect.
You know, Theodore, I don't really believe any of us have changed since conception. Maybe what has changed is our perceptions of who we are. Maybe our revelations of who we are seem new. Who we are doesn't change. What transforms is our acceptance of that original creation called me or you.

In this case, Lar is an ass. Has that changed? No. Never.

Case closed.

I don't think I've ever seen Lar smile like he does in that photo. It's a very revealing shot of a happy child. I take back the ass comment almost completely.
Hmmmm, a buck will buy me the Smiling Larry, that adorable hat *and* the cool retro glasses???? - there's gotta be a catch here somewhere...does it bite? (I mean the hat, of course=)
Save your money. The hat's worth a buck. But, as for the rest...
Well, I dunno, Len. Lar is pretty cheap. I mean there were these two wimmin at the Stones concert in Detroit, and, ummm--OH NEVERMIND
OK, I admit it, everytime I look at this blog I'm always drawn back to this particular photo (strange, but true)...I think Larry better get some of these hats for his dear pals in AZ, don't you? I mean, if they don't bite, and they're really only a buck - I know I want one......=)
You guys want hats? I'll get you hats
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