Sunday, December 25, 2005

How Ted Spent Christmas Eve.

Photos by Leo
" Last night, it only took me until almost 11:00 to make peace with the little white dog. Some chicken drippings and a chew toy were all that I needed. Those, and getting down to the dog's level. I heard on Dr. Phil that it might work, having something to do with psychologically becoming as the dog, staring into her eyes until falling into a hypnotic trance. When I finally came to, an hour later, the dog was in the living room watching "It's a Wonderful Life."
Remember that, Lar. Outsmart the beast. Maybe next time it won't take you so long. Personally, I think it was the chicken drippings, as I woke up this morning with the little white dog lapping the barbecue sauce that was still on my face."

Here I am after the dog cleaned me up. All spiffy and ready for church.

HA HA !!
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