Thursday, December 22, 2005

I am bringing Polaroids back into the mainstream. Along with electric trout.
Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

Polaroids are instant. They're wonderful.
Teddy, Leo and I were thinking of making a new book that incorporates two things we love; Mexico and Polaroids. Maybe we should make this one a troika. Lar, Len & Ted: The Mexican Odyssey. (only using polaroid cameras, of course).
Definitely. I need to get me one of those old land cameras, the ones the real estate mugs used. Then, a source for type 80. I'm gonna get the tips from Nitsa on using the Holga with Polaroid back.

I see it. We do a day in Nogales and call it something like "First Sale of the Day: Nogales in Instant Time." We make many shots, but be prepared to give away a few too.
YES! I love the idea of giving some away!!! That's f***ing brilliant, leo. Don't lose that one; it could be the key to what makes this whole project unique. I mean it... it's way cool. You are a g**damn genius sometimes.

PS teddy can be Carlo. Or Japhy, if we're doing "The Dharma Bums."
Thank you for the complements, though laced with epiphets. Sometimes the old grey matter clicks and other times it sorta shorts out, missing a tooth or two in the gear as it were.
No, not this time. BRILLIANT
I guess I see good possibilities with the group effort. While the personal thing is important, being able to bounce the ideas and seeing what sticks is equally as important. It'll be like "Your Show of Shows", Mel Brooks dangling from a 30th floor window while Reiner writes down all the funny stuff he says and Woody frets on the sofa about masturbation or something.
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