Thursday, December 08, 2005

If You Can't Yip with the Ratdogs, Stay Out of the Henhouse.

I got to the RIALTO early and thought someone had dosed my applejuice. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make a shot to save my soul. When I got inside... got weirder still. I was seeing the walls melt and I could taste the vibrations. The old movie palace rocked, for sure. Standing in the crowd I felt like a field of wheat swaying but rooted in the ground. The intensity of the human drone was huge but comforting. Then those fateful words and the roof almost came off...
"Good morning little schoolgirl, can I come home with you
Tell your moma and your papa, I'm a little schoolboy too..."
Yeah, it's still like running away to join the circus.
Photos by Leo

looks like a good time was had by leo
I like all three pics, but that first one is truly amazing...great street photo!
very cool street scene

even nitsa might agree, although she wouldn't know because she never visits here anymore :-(
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