Friday, December 16, 2005

Jolly Ol' Ted

Awww, what a sweet little dimple...Ted looks like he's the one who's *really* been good this year =)
I think Teddy spends the day with his index finger pressed into his cheek to create that "dimple". If he didn't, you can bet that now he will. Larry used to have one in his chin until he found out about fried foods. I hear tell I have a cute one on my butt, but I've never seen it, so I take their word for it.
Leonard, you bastard. Now I gotta go on a diet.
Actually, I noticed Ted's dimple that night at Ricardo's - so I venture to guess it is truly authentic...(as far as your dimple is concerned, Leo, one could assume that if one has had at least two individual sightings of said dimple then it is probably authentic as well =) And finally...Lar - do not go on a diet (at least not til you finish off all those yummy holiday goodies) - YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!
Thanks Peg. Leo, you're still a bastard
No, Larry's not fat... compared to what? He's got more cellulite than Carter has pills. If chub won elections, Larry'd be king.

Face it, we're none of us the cut-a-glorious-figure types we once were. Even I could lose 5 pounds and be a wee bit more svelt. I'll post a photo of Lar at his finest, as soon as I can find one.
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