Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Me an' Leo are in the publishing business. Teddy, I sense you're gonna write a book about your explorations of Arizona pretty soon.
Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

Yeah, you will, or ought to.
Thanks guys. You're the best. Let's go to Nogales soon and sketch out the plot on a restaurant napkin.
I see a Theo book of Exodus turned to Adventures. Pitchers in the wild and snippetts of factoid stuff on history and camping and Tom Jeffords and Curly Bill and the likes. Yeah. That one would sell too, big time.
A title like:
"White Like Me. Lost and Found in the Land of Brave Cochise."
Leo ... [chuckle, chuckle] ... you know me too well ! That is right on the money.
Ted. I've got it. A book of Nature-type photos and your pithy prose entitled, "God's Playdough Hour".
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