Friday, December 23, 2005

The Mexican photo diary will have to contain plenty of rousing images, no?
Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

funny shot !
Reminds me of a joke.

Rabbi goes to visit his friend, Fr. Mike,the rector at the Catholic seminary

Fr. Mike takes him on a tour of the dormitories and shows him a room. It's full of books and a young lad intently studying. "This is the room of one of our best students," says the priest, "We think he'll make a great priest some day."

The Rebbe, unmoved, kept walking.

They come to another room and it is loaded even more with books and the resident is pacing the floors, deep in contemplation. "This," says Fr. Mike, "is the room of a great student of ours. I'd dare say he'll be a great bishop one day."

The Rabbi continues down the hall, much to the priest's dismay.

Stopping at a last room, they look in. It's filled with books, scrolls, works of the saints. The young man is deep in prayer, obviously in deep communion with G_d. Fr. Mike says, " We are certain that one day this young man will be the first American pope.

The Rabbi could care less.

Fr. Mike, in frustration shouts, "What do you want? Jesus Christ?"

To which the Rebbe says, "Well, one of our boys made it."
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