Monday, December 26, 2005


This is called a ring. Four people. Two couples. Usually your partner is on your right and your neighbor is on your left. In some dances, you will actually perform figures (gypsy, swing, etc.) with your neighbor more than with your partner. Ladies' hands are always on top. Tension is vital in dancing. To balance the ring, the four dancers will step in toward the center, then back up until there is a nice tension on the ring.

In a set -- two lines of couples facing each other -- the rings will "progress," and you will continually find yourself with new neighbors.

One dance -- called "Slappin' the Wood" -- is quite fun.

I heard of slappin' the monkey but never slappin' the wood. Sounds kinda like the same thing.
Right idea. And in contra dancing, your partner or neighbor takes care of it!
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