Friday, December 09, 2005

Sheikh Ted

This kaffiyeh didn't cost me a dime. It was a gift from one of our globe-trotting reporters who recently visited Iraq.

You know, with your facial structure, steel-eyed glare, and the addition of some stubble (at the very least), this kaffiyeh business works for you. You could be one of them Saudi princes that Pa Bush chills with.
Leo, how about you and I don our head gear and go riding around on post, waving like dignitaries at staring pedestrians?
This should be your new profile pic. It's dynamic and pierces right through the viewer.
Thanks, but people might think I'm a jihadi boy or somethin'
Leo, how about we go to Nogales, Sonora, and before re-entering the U.S. I will put on my kaffiyeh and raise a thick-accented fuss with the U.S. border guards. I'll tell them I have rich relatives in the oil biz and we know the Bushes, etc., etc. I'll see if I can brow-beat my way in. You could photograph the whole incident. It would be a hoot!
Helluva a great photo, Ted -LW
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