Friday, December 30, 2005

Urban Bravery

Pitcher by Tookie Morris
Unlike our esteemed journalistic colleague, I do not look askance or with vitriolic shock at the continued pessimistic urbanization of our society. Nor do I welcome it with open arms. Rather, I wait patiently for the din and clammer to subside. The goths and visigoths have gone the way of all flesh, as have the barbarians and most of the new barbarians. The values of our founding fathers will persist and even flourish again once the hoi-polloi are through with their exertions. In the end, no one here really knows any better than anyone else. It is only with time and age that things take on the sterling patina of truth. Endurance will inevitably triumph over abrupt comment.
"Nous n'avons pas besoin de regarder avec la nostalgie car ce ne peut pas être nostalgie si vous ne vous êtes jamais arrêtés." -Leonard Sadorf 2005

big time SELAH !
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