Sunday, December 25, 2005

What Really Happened

Leo was nice when he cropped certain elements out of the photo of where I slept Saturday night. I mean, c'mon, the trash can was handy. Leo's kids were nice and tip-toed around and over me. Ah heck, I don't even remember!

Ah ha, the truth is revealed - you look quite merry there, Ted LOL

Hey, what kind of dog is that? She looks sort of like ours (after an extensive trim, of course =)
Just your basic ratdog. In our house if you can't yip with the ratdog, stay outa the henhouse.
lol Well, she's an awful cute ratdog =) ... Looks like Ted mighta been doing some yipping himself on Christmas Eve (or was that "nipping"? hee hee hee)
Teddy on the linoleum for Christmas Eve. Good God, what next?
I was determined to make Peace on Earth with anything, even a yipping little ratdog.
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