Thursday, December 15, 2005

Yeah, man, I'm PHAT!
Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

What's in dem cheeks anyhows? You almost look like Truman Capote with them goggles on.
Har. Har. Har. HEy, you do look like Capote a wee bit.
Buttheads. I look like The Welder of the Cosmos, the Architect of Time, Space and the Universe, the Solar Craftsman of the Stars. You mugs look like two bums who just got done polishing off a plate at Rudolfo's.

Funny repartee.

Hurry up and get back here!
Buttheads? He don't know a welder from a branding iron. If he's the architect, I know why duct tape was invented. As far as craftsman of the stars, he'd probably shine a flashlight through a sheet of black constructiuon paper with pinholes in it and shine it on the ceiling. And, actually yes, Rodolfo's was on the menu today. The low carb Carne Asada plate with no rice and extra beans. So there.
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