Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Never seen this before. Now I know what inspired Abrahams and Zucker to write and direct "Airplane!" (1980).

This film is freakin' hilarious!

Robert Stack stars in both.

Gawd I wish Larry and Len and I could sit down together in the same room and watch this one. Talk about laffs!

Hey Chronicler - I get the feeling you want to talk more about this movie =) I've never seen it but I get the impression it's not your regular/usual Duke-kinda film.....
I'm just trying to bait the missing-in-action Larry, who is the ultimate John Wayne fan.

But the real angle to this topic is the 1980 "Airplane!" film, which Larry and housemates Rex and Clux and I all watched many times when it came on the cable channel in the cheesy off-campus house we rented in the fall of 1982. Oh how we laffed at that one (the movie).
Ah, I see...OK, I just didn't want you to think I was snubbin' the Duke or anything silly like that (actually I've never even heard of this movie - and now you've got me quite curious about it...I'm gonna look up the synopsis on imdb =)
It's not that great, actually. Just the context of "Airplane!" (1980) makes it funny in retrospect.

I saw this one once, I recall, many moons ago. It was on one of those Sunday afternoon matinee movies on TV, the likes of which hardly no one shows anymore. For a serious movie, it was pretty hilarious. Did you buy it?
No, I would not waste money on this.
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