Sunday, January 29, 2006

Far Heinewdik Nitsa

Fotografia bie Leo
Nit oito far du. Hobn a forn?


Do you realize that you have just used a sexual idiom that roughly translates:

"Put your legs around this, Baby!" ?

You need to be more careful with your casual use of that language-translator!
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Your Yiddish is failing you. It is entitled "For Lovely Nitsa" and the caption is "No auto for you. Have a ride?". You are a shlekht yingl.
hmmmmm .... i wonder who posted, then deleted ???????
It was me. My keyboard was hosed and it was printing wrong letters in betwixt the right ones, so I dumped the post and put new batteries in the board and all is ok.

That wasn't Yiddish. It's some Scanty-navian you're messin' wit. I seen those comments from the Swedish girl on your other site.

Now behave!!
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