Saturday, January 28, 2006

For The Chronicler...

Photo by Leo
Seems Ted didn't like the grazing cattle direction I've taken of late. "Where's the old car motif?" he asked. I'm like Santy Claus. If you ask and you've been a good boy, I'll deliver. Unlike Pere Noel, however, I don't wait until Saturnalia to produce the goods. To that end, I give Ted his first Mercedes Benz. Now, back to the cows...

"The African Queen" (1951) is on the telly right now. What a beautiful love story. Makes me cry every time.

Rose Sayer discovers shooting the rapids to be as "stimulating" as her brother's sermons.

After she and Charlie Allnut (love that name) evade the German fortress and survive a gigantic section of whitewater, Rose has a question for Charlie. It's a line that every woman wonders after such a big moment:

"Did I handle the boat all right?"
What about the scene where she pours his gin overboard?
She is a tower of strength in that moment. God how I admire her. We've all seen women in that mode. It hurts like a bad hangover.
Ah Leo, you will now have to give Larry, Nitsa and I each a Mercedes too - you know, to be fair and all =), *then* you can return to the cow pics lol

and yes, that movie is more than exceptional. Hepburn and Bogie were quite a pair.
So be it.
My friend H.O. should like this pic too. He really likes the old cars.
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