Monday, January 02, 2006

How I Spent New Year's

Yes, Sci-Fi Channel had a "Twilight Zone" marathon. Two days! New Year's Eve and Day.
Did you know that Rod Serling served as a paratrooper in the Pacific Theater of Operation during World War II. At first he was rejected by the Army recruiters. He was under the height limit to be one of America's elite warriors, but he persisted and was finally accepted. Because he was Jewish, he wanted to fight the Nazis, but ironically was sent to fight the Japanese. He saw such horrific combat situations that for the rest of his life he suffered terrible nightmares, according to his wife. Rod Serling died at the age of 50, following heart surgery. Too many smokes and too much stress in his life. But what a brilliant writer. Selah.

Happy New Years, Chronicler! I watched a couple of these myself on New Year's Eve (I think it was) - one about a guy on a wagon train, one with Jack Klugman in a poolhall, and a couple of others. You can never go wrong with The Twilight Zone =) Hope you had a nice holiday!
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