Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Time for Everything

Photo by Leo
To be taken seriously, one must sometimes indulge in the contest. No, you don't have to win the contest. Most always it's just important to be in the contest, to be taken seriously, to be recognized as a contender.
Personally, I compile and surround myself with any and every bit of everything that I can get into my tight grips. Books, CD's, 45's, lp's, 78's 8-tracks. On the shelves of my house you can find Samuel Langhorne Clemens, Alan Ginsberg, Marx (Groucho and cousin Karl), Lenin (Lennon) Malcolm X, Dr. King, Saul Bellow, John Updike, Ken Kesey, Smokey Robinson, Jackie Wilson, The Rolling (yes) Stones, Blind Joe Death, Stravinsky, Bach (yes), Elie Weisel, Pat Buchannan, at least one work from every American president, movies from D.W. Griffith through Pootie Tang. Without prejudice, I try and collect a little of it all. Even the Book of Mormon and the Koran have a place, next to the Bhagava vat Ghita and Torah.
Some things hold dearer to my heart; the Jerry Garcia recordings and Grateful Dead tapes are on the same level as Johnny Cash, Dylan, Robert Johnson, and Jimmy Rodgers, but everything has a place and there's a time to every purpose under heaven. Ever heard of Waylon Jennings? David Grisman and Andy Statman playing Klezmer music, Django Reinhart, Jan and Dean, Satchmo, Steven Foster, Frank Zappa... ad infinitum. They all have a place in my house. Unlike Jahweh, I do not have a mansion with many rooms, but I fill 'em as best I can. On any given day, you could run into the likes of Geoffrey Chaucer or Paul Klee. You never know who's gonna show up.
Some may consider it clutter. I call it a museum. When you go out looking for the Kate Smith 8-track with "God Bless America" you know where you'll find it. It's between Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions and the Bulgarian Women's choir.

You've even got "Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam" somewhere in that library.

I need that back, because a 'Nam veteran friend of mine wants to watch it.

Have you watched it yet, Leo?
Oh, by the way, I know I still have the Jethro Tull DVD checked out from the Hannah Library Wing.
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