Tuesday, February 21, 2006


He told me his name, but darned if I can remember almost a week later. Anyway, he tended a neat little alley-way jewelry stand in one of those rabbit-warren, labyrinthian passageways of Old Bisbee.

O Bisbee ! What fun are ye.

Nice beard. I'm gonna train mine down like that.

How's come youse didn't write down his name? I thought you was an ace ree-porter?
When you're traversing the rabbit-warren, labyrinthian passageways of Bisbee ... sometimes the best you can do is take it on the run. When he asked why I wanted his photo, I could only stammer, "Uhhh, it's for a blog." I should have said I was a tourist and he was a site to see. But he did not hesitate. Probably contributes to three blogs himself.
Heck of a nice photo, Teddy. Too bad it wasn't in Nogales; you coulda put it in the book. -L
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