Monday, February 13, 2006

My dad and his shadow

My folks are in town. Here, Dad is shooting the Dragoons, whose winding gravel roads would soon swallow us.

We hiked Ramsey Canyon, lunched in the Turquoise Room at the Naco golf course, toured fabulous Bisbee (which they loved as I expected), and we drove and hiked in the Chiricahua Wilderness. We took two walks along the Upper San Pedro River. On the latter, we saw bobcat prints, a Great Horned Owl snoozing in the sun, a pair of White-Tailed Kites as they hunted and dined, and a Pacific-sloped Flycatcher (an early migrant from Mexico ... thus an exciting find for the docent).

That's wonderful that they're getting to see all the sights, Chronicler...and I bet they're also enjoying the great weather this week =) I hope they have a terrific visit to SV and AZ!
Thanks, Peggi. They are still having an incredible visit. They toured Miller and Carr canyons today, AND visited Cochise Stronghold (which we missed on Friday due to running out of daylight on the eastern slope of the Dragoons).

Tonight I served the folks a home-cooked meal: marinated salmon grilled over mesquite, two salads including one with perfect red romaine lettuce, and some Arizona white wine.

Tomorrow they depart for Tucson, planning to take in the Desert Museum and visit friends.
Teddy, you are an incredible human saga. That you have lived this long with leg-breakers from the mob chasing you, jilted male lovers hunting you, and creditors no doubt hounding you, is an achievement matched only by the Morris clan's amazing ability to have avoided extinction for lo these many centuries. When I think of your forebearers -- Cousin Schwantz, the dung shoveler in Bavaria; Uncle Gastogne, the Kraut collaborator in France, and neice Zivkovitcia, the harlot in Croatia, it is a wonder you are even here among us. But I guess if the sea anemone has survived for eons, it's no great wonder that the Morrises have too. Hats off to you, my gangly City Editor friend.
Tee hee hee.
Larry is such a wag. But, Ted, he's so right.
haw haw haw !

yep, he is more accurate than he realizes
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