Sunday, March 12, 2006

10 more days

Photo by Samuel Sadorf
Just a scant 10 days and Larree can see this sweet mug for real. Can you imagine waking up next to this face? I sure can't.

ahhhh the face of mirth, joviality and senescence (especially evident had you not cropped out my other two chins)

thanks for photoshopping whiteness into my eyes (or else it was before 9 a.m., and i hadn't started drinking yet that day ... i can't remember)
In actuality, Brother Theo, I did do some brightness and contrast dabbling with this image. It was not my intent to remove your prized red-eye. rather, I was looking for a less jaundiced skin tone and got clear eyes in the process. Go figger.

yeah, i forgot.

also, good thing the shadow on the right corner of my mouth hides the yellow green sputum dribbling out of aqualung your friend
Aww, the face that I'm sure melts the hearts of female contradancers near and far =) I even see a hint of the famous dimple...nice shot by Samuel!
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