Wednesday, March 15, 2006

7 more days til Big Lar gits here.

Ever been to Vegas? I seen Elvis there. Seen Sinatra before he retired the first time. Been on the Strip and played baccarat with Buddy Hackett. You been to the Frontier? Yup, me too. El Cortez is downtown. See, I been here before.

This is a classic image, worthy of selection by Steichen for "The Family of Man."
Me and Ed go way back. he was gonna call that collection "Foreign People in Strange Places." I told him, "Ed", I said, "You gotta go for the all-inclusive title or this thing ain't gonna go past square one."

He replied, "Gee,Len. I'm lost for a title. Give me something eternal, like you do so well."

The rest is Museum of Modern Art history.

This image of days gone by, before the world went wrong, was shot by Big Lar. Gail, the gal in the middle, thought she was hot stuff. She now wanders the halls in a mink coat, wondering when Mr. DeMille is gonna call. The other gal, the name escames me, is known for ribald antics and semi-clad frolicing in Florida some 30-ish years ago
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