Saturday, March 04, 2006

Whatever Happened to 'Mike' ?

Leo, I think he was an invention of yours. Heh-heh! Either that, or he is on one long fishing trip.

That's a great question. Mike! Where are you?

What was his blog called? We oughta see if he still has one.

I looked on the visitors log and I ain't seen a hit from Kansas since like forvever.

I don't think he likes us no more.
Did we have the guy's e-mail? we oughta hassle him. He was funny.
Leo, I think you are muddying the waters as you try to distance yourself from one of your more elaborate hoaxes. Mike was a clever invention.

Maybe he's been hibernating in a remote fishing cabin with his pals and those wimmin.
I'm not dead and I'm not fishing. I work for a living unlike some people. Thanks for being concerned. I check you guys once in a while but haver been too busy rebuilding my brothers house to post.
I don't believe it. I think you are Leo's alter-ego. Leo invented you last September. Leo is making a foray into fiction authoring.
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