Friday, April 28, 2006

Back on the bus

The bus trip to New York and back was a big success with a lot of drama archived on film. Back at La Honda the crew continued their parties, showing clips of the trip to the chemically induced audience. Soon they realized that the "party" was too big for the house. They began to put together "happenings" at local halls, with sound effects hooked up to microphones, light shows, film, costumes, strobes, and any other weirdness the could find. A local struggling band known as the "Warlocks" joined in with their Psychedelic-Blues; later they changed their name to the Grateful Dead. The Pranksters put up posters around town telling of these "Acid Tests," but the time and location were kept secret until the last moment. These Acid Tests would be a bombardment of sight and sound that were enhanced by a big garbage can full of "Electric Kool-Aid."

Ken Kesey wrote one of the best books ever written:

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

If you've never read it, you've missed out on one of the great experiences of life. The film doesn't even come close, although anything Jack Nicholson does is great in its own genre.
The thinly veiled character of R.P. McMurphy (Neal) was a wonderful portrayal of a perfect character. He was a lightning rod, a holy goof, bigger than life, but no less a victim of the world. Yet, he cruised like a dervish.

Methinks this pic was taken in the '70's sometime, as the bus driver looks like Babbs, obviously not Neal (if this is indeed the bus). What say you, Foghorn?
I have heard that among his many talents, Neal was very efficient at parking cars. He probably would have been a very good contra dancer.
True call Lenny. This was March and it was 1970. Babbs, the Interpid Traveller, was at the helm. He was much more predictable than Speed limit, that's a fer shure.

I met the bus in 1964 when they came to NYC. Lots of folk bailed by then. It was really what it said. Weird Load. It got weirder as time squeaked forward, or maybe furthur. We didn't meet Neal until long past we got back to Perry Lane. He just showed up one afternoon. Kesey flipt, like wildly. last one he expected but the one he expected the most.

Got no pics of Neal at the wheel (rhyme, no doubt)but lot of Kesey and Babbs. I think that's Zane sitting up by the front there.
wow !
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