Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Clenched Fists

Note the testosterone oozing from this image as two generations do battle over the question of the ages... "So. Goofy is a dog and Pluto is a dog. How come Goofy talks and Pluto don't?"

Leo, not only are you an astute observer of local flora and fauna, but here you prove yourself to be equally sagacious when it comes to the discernment of human traits and behaviors.

I am so amazed by this, that I really cannot think of any apropos comment worthy of posting.
Maybe you know the answer? How come Pluto don't talk?
F@#%! i don't know.

Why is Harpo the mute Marx brother?

(can you sense my clenched fist?)

Ok, Professor Wagstaff, now I get it.

See, it took an analogy in the real world (ie: Harpo) to make sense of the animated world.
Pluto doesn't talk becasue he is content with his witty barks and other banter. Words aren't necessary, I bet if Mickey stopped feeding him that premo dog food, he would give him a piece of his mind.
who wears a beenie when its warm out, geez some peoples kids.
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