Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fido (Latin for 'I trust')

Outside a Bisbee cafe laid this dog. His eyes, ears and nose monitored the situation.

People sitting nearby said the master had simply told the dog: "Sit, stay," and gone inside.

Nothing fazed the dog as he enjoyed lying on the cool slab of concrete.

Then a classic car's horn sounded a clownish sound: "Ah-OOOGA. Ah-OOOGA!"

Fido responded instantly with a deep voice -- a bark that reverberated throughout all of Old Bisbee.

As expected, the owner emerged presently and went on his way with Fido and family.

This dog has a rather intelligent look in his eyes...I bet he was waiting for someone to walk by and perhaps drop a bit of ice cream or even a crumb of a tasty scone =) Very nice photo, Chronicler!

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