Friday, April 21, 2006

Here's another publicity picture Dave took yesterday.
Photo by

Dave's good, but check out Bender. Most of these sets are built in his studio:
Where'd you find these bender guys? Their images look like they been on one. Obviously, I love them.
I found Bender during my brief stint in the advertising and public relations world (2001-2005).

Through connections I made in Columbus, Ohio, I crossed paths with these fascinating blokes as I was trying to develop one of my larger accounts.

Bender & Bender serves Fahlgren and other national communications powerhouses.

Strangely enough, Bender & Bender is based near Prospect, Ohio, where I began my new single life in December 2004. The firm is located on a rural road and there is no mailbox or any sign to tell you you're there. It's like Batman's Bat Cave driveway. There is a single narrow lane that winds through a forest thicket for about a mile. Suddenly you are at this fantastic place that is the Bender studio. Inside they have old large-format bellows cameras from the old days and also cutting-edge Macintoshes and Photoshop; some of their files contain hundreds of layers and are many gigabytes in size. Larry, the senior Bender, one of the most humble and friendly persons on the planet, once told me that national reps have traveled great distances to deal with him, and when they tried to find him he always tells them to carry a cell phone and have the faith of a Jedi.

Following is another vendor that is associated with the media giants of the Midwest. I almost used this guy, too. Branko's (he's from the Balkans) starting price is $5,000.
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