Sunday, April 30, 2006

History Repeats...

Borrowed Image by Lawrence
The kids be grown. Joe and Nate have more hair than I ever had, certainly more than Larry. Jake and Emily are like adults, certainly more adult than me and Larry will ever be. Josh is heir-apparent to the Corleone empire. Any yet...
Here they are and the "El Greco" is on the left, one floor up.
Top that Foghorn!

What happened to Josh's arm? Did a vendor twist it trying to make the day's first sale?
Josh ran into his buddy Louie Ambrose. Louie weighed in then at 170## and he was 5'9" tall. The proverbial brick wall. Louie stood and Josh folded. third break in 9 months. He's one tough muchacho.
Where did this happen ... Gridiron? Home plate? Wrestling mat? Alley? Band room?
It was P.E. class. Soccer. Louie walks like a wall and Josh runs like a gazelle. Put the two together.

I can picture that.
Hi Leo. I like this picture and story.
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