Saturday, April 29, 2006

Looking for Merlin

I'm a lookin' lookin' lookin for picts of Neal, but I got none. This is Ken Hagen and John Allen, Neal's son, when we went to England in 1999. We went to Stonehenge and hoped for Y2K. All we got was drunk a lot. Mountain Girl came with Sunshine.

Here's Babbs and Leary about a month to the day before Timmy took the last trip.

Foghorn, you need to plan to join our upcoming pilgrimage to Magdalena de Kino, located about 120km south of Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

There is a Guadalupe shrine, with a reputed record of healings.

Also there are cave drawings.

We have several amigos in Nogales who eagerly want to show us these wonders.

You'll want to fly into Tucson. Check for arrangements.
Not Much gets me off the hog farm these days, Mister Chronicleer. It's a fur peace down to Tucson from up here. Convince me and mebbe I'll come.

Work him over.
He's right. We gotta get you to con-descend to the level of us sycophants. I don't care where you're hailing from. Lowell Mass. or Denver don't make no diff. You might just be the voice of the ages. Or else, the clown of the past. Maybe the clown of the ages and the seer of the past? Maybe, I'm confusing myself, so I'm sure I'm not alone.

My daughter wants me to go on the roof and I see that it's not a wise choice for me right now. time for dinner. Theo, work on it. Lar, just bitch like you always do and we'll listen. Me, I always trust your bitching more than anything.
Hey Foghorn, if you find a picture of Sunshine, could you post it? I used to know her when her name was still Pat. I'd like to see how the years have treated that wild child.
Can do. I got one of her and her mom from the same trip to England in 1999. They don't either one resemble their younger selves but then who among us does. when I find I post.

Do I know you?
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