Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My ex-nephew Randy

He's the front man of a rock band in Indianapolis. I snapped this for a jewel case several years ago while firing up my Weber grill.

Randy's got a streak of hard luck stories like none you've ever known. His greatest aspiration is to be a writer like Stephen King, and his Uncle Ted.

A cool pic, Chronicler - does he do the old time rock n roll, or the newer stuff? just curious....
ooo. fire dangerous. burn self. ooo.
Thanks for the comments.

To answer Peggi's question, Randy's band is a very heavy metal, quasi-satanic, scream-your-voice-to-rawness sort of ensemble.

I never liked it much. I just smiled supportively.

Through an amazing coincidence, Randy's guitarist -- who actually IS a virtuoso -- went to my high school in rural Southwest Ohio, and even graduated in the same year (1979), and he could play a mean guitar then.

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