Saturday, April 22, 2006


That's me (left) and my little brother, growing up on The Farm. That rock wall is still there. So is our dad, even more stalwart than the wall.

A couple of nice looking young men. 1968? 1970?

What happened to the hair, Ted?
Very cute shot, Chronicler! You guys look so well-behaved too =)
Thanks, Leo and Peggi. I'm not sure about the year or the hair :-). I think 1968 is pretty close, which would have made me about 7 and Quent 5.

My favorite element of the photo is the Keds high-top sneakers. That was de rigueur footwear for farm life as a boy, although I recall once stepping on a nail near an old tree fort wreck. This same brother (I am No. 4; he is No. 5 of the 5 brothers [no sisters], thus the Latin "Quent" for "fifth born") was with me, and he matter-of-factly stepped on a safe portion of the board so I could "unstab" and free my foot from it. He shouldered my weight as I hobbled out of the woods that day!

Had we served in the armed forces, Quent and I would have operated behind enemy lines: We were that audacious, hardy and camaraderie-oriented. Thought we were indestructible, as most young men think.
Dig, guys. This the honesty of youth. This shot grooves on the pose and the line of trees in the back. This pile of rocks, a rock wall no doubt, shows the constancy of brothers and love. I wish I had a brother. I miss the brother that I never had.

Song of Solomon 8
1 If only you were to me like a brother, who was nursed at my mother's breasts!
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