Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Best!

Well my youngest won the state freestyle tournament, was expected to take 3rd but Pinned his opponent with 1minute left to become the state champion and go on to the National's, you can tell by the expression from the 2nd place kid he was not happy... also my middle son 13 yr old Casey won the state championship but it was easy for him he's 6'1 220lbs and very aggressive

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Number 9, Number 9...

It seems sometimes that the human quest revolves around the search for constancy, the quest for something eternal. I know, Sears makes tools built to last and Ford makes trucks built to last. But that's still transient. Built to last how long?

Even the smart guys look for it. Einstein, in the '30's tried to mathematically find some formula that would somehow describe the size, proportions, and limits of the universe. He gave up, calling it a blunder on his part to even try. So, he went back to the violin.

But then...

The other night I was listening to "Coast to Coast AM" in one of those fitful moments on late night awakedness. George Noory had on this guy that calls himself the human calculator. He's one of those guys that looks at everything in numerical senses. He figures out days of the week historically from a date, does math problems from left to right ignoring place values and just lumping everything together. That's something I can't even start to comprehend. But being awake at 2:00 am and not wanting to get out of bed sort of limited my choices. So I listened.

Somewhere into the second half-hour of his business, he brought up the constancy of the number 9. Follow this, if you can.

When you count past single digits, all numbers have a relationship to the number 9. If you take a number, say 43, and add the digits 4+3 you get 7. Now subtract 7 from 43 and you get 36. 36 is not only divisible by 9, but if you add the digits 3+6 you get 9. This works with any number. Try 2117, for example. 2+1+1+7=11. 2117-11=2106. 2+1+0+6=9. OR 2106 divided by 9= 234. 2+3+4=9. How about 1967? 1+9+6+7= 23. 1967-23=1944. 1+9+4+4=18. 1+8=9.

Try 666. 6+6+6=18. Need I say more?
This works every time. Why? It just does.

Now some of you scientist types out there have probably known this all along, but it's new to me. The math isn't as important to me though as the constancy it demonstrates. It's about an idea, a piece of truth that's unshakeable.

So, what does this prove? What house of cards does this support? Frankly, I'm not certain yet. I haven't stayed awake long enough to decypher it all. Someone tell me what this all means.

For now I'm content to spend my sleepless nights trying to find a 2 digit or more number that screws this up. If nothing else, it helps me fall back to sleep. Maybe that's all it's worth, but these days that's plenty.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Long Time

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.... Larreee! Where are you? Did we scare you away? Did we become esoteric or something? Have we lost our pithy charm?

Aside from Dave's posts and Ted's great grandpappy, we seem to have found ourselves wallowing in ineptitude or something. Remember when this thing started and we'd ponder the very cores of our existences on a daily basis? Missives posted from hospital waiting rooms and pics uploaded from camera phones. We were cutting edge. We were the real deal. I remember like it was just last year, when Larry was lamenting life and dread and angst, the veritable sickness unto death, were the watchwords of the day. The words were hard and biting and yet they still embodied the whimsy of a lifetime mis-spent. We stomped on the terra, dammit. Now we sit in chaise lounges, sipping Red Bull and Stoly, and playing armchair reminiscence games like a buncha old Atari arcade junkies.

Frankly, I'm embarassed to know me. I must repent. To that end, I post this image of the prodigal himself looking particularly miffed.

Photo by Leo

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One More for Buck Miller

I borrowed this image from the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel archives. Thanks guys. I was there when this pic was new.

Buck took this pic of Georgia O'Keefe in the fall of 1977, if I recall correctly. I was in his 101 class (and about 3 more classes over two years)and he printed up this and about 5 others he'd shot the day before. He asked me and Kathy Duenkel and Mike Dawkins and about 3 other people what we thought of the photos.

The comments ranged from "Nice" to "who's she?". I don't recall what innane words I had at the time. I knew Buck from working at the Milwaukee Journal. He had been a real photographer and me a lowly clerk and here he was asking me about a portrait of Georgia O'Keefe. I was probably the schtupp that said "Nice". No doubt.

It wasn't until about 3 days later that I realized that those hands he shot, Georgia's hands, were the same ones that Alfred Steiglitz shot 60 years before when she was the love of his life and here, shit, Buck does it again as well (probably better).

He was my friend and my teacher and showed me more about photo-journalism and shooting people than I will ever remember at any one time. I know it shows up in what I shoot now and sparks my observations and commentary probably daily. I'll never do it as well as he did.

I miss Buck. He had more talent and laughs and tears than I'll ever know. There was the time when he and Larry Chatman had a party and the both shaved half their beards off, opposite sides. I believe Widen shot the pic for the invitation/poster. It was a hoot. But Buck had Air Force/Vietnam stories/images that would/will make you cry your eyes out too.

To comment on Ted's Dangerfield comment, I just have to say that Buck woulda hooted over that. He and Chatman used to do Jack Benny and Rochester. Buck was hardly Afro-American and he'd do Rochester perfectly. Larry'd do Benny and he had the same racial liability, but always did it to perfection.

Thanks Dave Gilo. I needed a reflective moment. Thanks Buck for being my friend too.


Well it's been a year since my best friend passed away, Buck was a teacher for Larry & Len, I met him thru commercial gigs, He photographed some of the most famous & infamous, was nominated for the pulitzer and was an all around great guy. I really miss him...Thanks for letting me share.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Joe and Chet

I found a snap of Country Joe and Family Dog Chet from 1997. It was 30 years after you-know-what. My wife was at this anniversary event. I was passsing kidney stones at the VA hospital in Palo Alto. They had more fun than me for sure.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

For the old timers

I'm editing this post because everyone seems stumped.

Heres a pic of the Country Joe Band in Berkley last year. Can you pick out Country Joe? He is the one in the middle singing.

1, 2, 3, what are we fightin' for? Dont ask me I don't give a damn, next stop's Afghanistan.

Ain't no time to wonder why, Whoopee, we're all gonna die!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Dis here is my Grandfather Barker -- actually my mother's mother's father -- but that's what everbody calls him.

Came over from England in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Preached the gospel on the streets of the Bowery of NYC. Could play the piano and cornet simultaneously. Gifted watercolorist. Some of his works are housed in the Smithsonian.

Here's a piece of music he composed for piano. Sadly, he died in his 30s. Were he here today, I'm sure he'd be a blogger.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


A couple of funny cartoons from my collection.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weird Weather

Photo by Leo
It has been humid and hot here in the desert, unusually humid for May. Strange clouds forming and some serious microbursts, winds up to 60 mph. in very concentrated areas. This poor old cottonwood took a hit and literally fell apart.

Hey kids we're on a roll

We went from Rick Danko to Neil Young, so heres another snap out of my album. This was in NYC in like around 1971. I think my brother Wil shot this.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Guest Contribution from The Pondering Pig

The Pondering Pig Sez:"I get the newsletter from my alma mater San Francisco State U. and Neil Young is going to get an honorary Ph.D in a couple weeks."

Pegi and Neil Young, James Brosnahan to receive honorary degrees: Pegi Young, cofounder of The Bridge School for young people with disabilities, and her husband Neil Young, the musician-singer-songwriter, will each receive an honorary doctor of humane letters from SF State and the California State University system for their work with The Bridge School. Trial lawyer James Brosnahan, a senior partner at San Francisco-based Morrison and Foerster, will receive an honorary doctor of law from the CSU for his work with those who find it difficult to secure legal representation.
The degrees will be awarded at SF State's May 27 Commencement.
For more on this year's honorees, see the SF State News story.


I made a reference to the great Rick Danko (R.I.P.) in a comment at the pondering pigs pad. I found this photo of Rick from the 80's sometime with Jorma Kaukonen and Mike Falzarano.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Casa Grande, Arizona

To hear it from most Arizonans who I work with, the Anglos have succeeded knocking off the "e" at the end when you pronounce this city's name. They also say the "a" sound like the "a" in "mack."

This is the Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort, where I stayed May 12 and 13. It's out in the middle of the desert, about five miles west of Casa Grande proper. So, I guess it's on the way to Stanfield.

I stayed on the fifth floor. Less than $100, including room tax.

gilo's silo's

Here is one of the backgrounds we will be shooting next week when I get back to Stanfield.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Photo by Leo
Sometimes things change and the location of the change is unexpected. Sometimes the back-alley hair weave is more than anyone expected. Sometimes it's just some fun. Sometimes it's more real than anyone expected.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Okay Pappy.

Grandpa. Here's a clip from "Playboy After Dark" from 1969. Word has it, some prankster dosed the drinks of Hefner's guests, so they were all on equal ground. Other word is that Hef sent a letter to the boys, thanking them for a most eventful evening trip. My thought is that the Dead were probably the saner minds in the house that night. Click the Jerry Poster below and watch.


Ok you young buck. That one was good. But top the boys singing Cassady on Tom Snyder about 25 years ago. I can hit the same stuff as you, you just beat me to it. Click the John Allen photo and see what happens.

One for the Patriotic minded

For a once in a lifetime event, click the image of the big guy and watch Jerry and Bobby and Vince singing the Star Spangled Banner at Candlestick Park in 1993. It's by far one of the best, if not the best, rendition of the Anthem that I've ever heard. A'capella and strong. Argue with me if you want, but most folks can't even remember the words and these guys sing tight harmony on top of remembering.

One more from 1970

Here's the dead from before the Allmans came out. This one was pretty crappy and I tried to fix it up. It was a bw polaroid.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dead @ Fillmore East 1970

I was in the box stage left, or right. I can never remember how that goes. They was playin "Lovelight" and Pigpen was screaming like a wildman. They opened for Janis and I think they pissed her off they were so good. They played for a hour and a half and they were on fire. That's Gregg Allman on the organ. The Brothers were there and so was Peter Green fro the old Fleetwood Mack. I don't know where i got this photo. Its an old black and white snap in my album. I didn't shoot it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Photo by Leo
Got nuttin' new. Just an old cow pic. I feel remis for not blogging more proficiently these last few days, nay, weeks. Please accept this as my humble contribution to this weeks' posts. Sorry. Moo.

Lightnin' @ Folk City '66

I take time when I'm prowlin',
wipe my tracks out with my tail
(A lot of people wonder why I do this but I wanna tell you)
I take time when I come prowlin',
wipe my tracks out with my tail
That's in order that no one discover, whoa Lord he can't cross my trail.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bob and Allen

The poet is a madman lost in adventure
Who restlessly dreams of ancient battles
Of countless exploits, that he makes his own
And sings for himself and for the race of the future.
-Paul Verlaine

Monday, May 08, 2006


Those are the Santa Rita Mountains to the west. Near here is a neat rural school where the maintenance man handles the occasional rattlesnake with care, and if you visit to the little crossroads of Elgin you can sample four wines for $2. The woman will just set 'em up and you can throw 'em back, after admiring their bouquet and color, of course.

Haight Street 1968

Forever Young

Here's an ol' Saloon from Young Az...(hope I got the right spelling) that's in the Tonto National Forest, Very cool mountains and views, look forward to going back in two weeks.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Santa Rita foothills

Pardon this crude representation. A camera cannot do it justice. This area north of Sonoita, Arizona, must be seen with the naked eye to appreciate all its wonder and vastness.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

One more cuppa coffee, pleeze?

Photo by Leo
I just can't seem to settle down today.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Parmesan on the Spinach and Basil Pasta

Photo by Leo
I was hungry, ok? Salad just didn't cut it.

Funny stuff guys! you have to check out the Ashcroft and Cheney cards!


Don't ask why. I just felt like posting this.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


My first trip to AZ, Stansfield for a photo/location/scout for a shoot in two weeks at a dairy farm, I figured I just had to get a picture of one, boy is it hot there!

Borrowed from www.whitehouse.org

Nothing else to say. Ain't it obvious?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Leonard Theme Reprise

You can enjoy better images than this, for only $6.61. For information, visit http://www.lulu.com/lsadorf

For the pondering pig

Here's MG and Sunshine when we wuz in England in 1999. I havent seen them since then. I hear tell they were up in Eugene though when Babbs and the boys pulled the bus out of the swamp.

This is part of Lar and Len's "Roadside Arizona" book
Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

When Len and I was young and slim
Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Big Sur Marathon

(Dats John Allen and his Mom Carolyn at Big Sur Marathon a couple years back. Photo is by George somebody).
I dont know if I should start my own blog or not. I like posting here and you guys are fun. But I dont want to monopolize your space with all my old photos. What's I to do?

BTW The Groove is groovy.

Monday, May 01, 2006

THE GROOVE. May 1, 2006


In the modeling studio

Mr. Wick does detailed sketches and notes on his sculpture concepts. For example, the lines of an arroyo (that's Spanish for "creek") inspired the lines -- albeit vertical ones -- in one of the smaller pieces that grace his home interior. After the sketches come the small-scale plaster models. It's a very rigorous, well-thought-out process.

Many years ago Mr. Wick taught sculpting at Kent State University (his alma mater) and Ohio University (my alma mater).

Right now, Mr. Wick has an exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens. (see http://www.botanicgardens.org/pageinpage/wicksculpturesmain2006.cfm )

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