Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Big Sur Marathon

(Dats John Allen and his Mom Carolyn at Big Sur Marathon a couple years back. Photo is by George somebody).
I dont know if I should start my own blog or not. I like posting here and you guys are fun. But I dont want to monopolize your space with all my old photos. What's I to do?

BTW The Groove is groovy.

Keep posting, Foghorn. Your material is refreshing to an otherwise moribund site.
Where do you get these pics from? This stuff astounds me.
Aw, hell, Leghorn. I can believe that's John and I can almost believe that's his mom (I got her book and it looks like her, albeit 40 years removed).

Where in God's green creation do you get this stuff from? From my standpoint this is incredible. No, not everyone is a beat kinda fan. But the likelihood that you fall in our lap is not anywhere in the possible. Get real, boy.

I did the image searches on google and such (ask.com) and found most none of your pics. This is way too weird and I hate being screwed with. Be straight. Write me at lsadorf@gmail.com . Let's clear the air or, otherwise, let's take this thing to another level.

Are you up to it?
Oh Leonard, ye of little faith.

My grandfather sailed with Halsey, and their shipmates are still around. I talked with several of them in 1999 when I wrote a book about the USS Wisconsin.
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