Thursday, May 04, 2006


My first trip to AZ, Stansfield for a photo/location/scout for a shoot in two weeks at a dairy farm, I figured I just had to get a picture of one, boy is it hot there!

Beautiful shot Dave. That Saguaro is probably 200 years old, or maybe more. As far as hbot goes, wait another 6 weeks and then talk about hot. 115 there is not unusual.

Down here where me and Ted are at, it never gets much past 90-ish with 10-15% humidity. When the rains come, the temp drops to 70 in a matter of minutes.
Wow, that is a great shot.

I am by no means the AZ expert here, having just moved here in April 2005 ... but I think you mean Stanfield, which appears to be about 15 miles west of Casa Grande and about 50 miles south of Phoenix.

The Gila River Indian Reservation is just north of Stanfield and Casa Grande.

Yes, that is a hot part of the state. In the summer, you cannot sleep at night in that region with your windows open. But you can in the high desert country of Southeast Arizona, where Leonard and I make our homes.

In our area, summer nights are breathtakingly beautiful, warm and wonderful. After a monsoon cloudburst in the afternoon, the evening air is filled with a lovely aroma of creosote bush (Larrea tridentata).

Even on those days in June and July when our SE Arizona thermometer hits 100, there's just something about the way that Mother Nature embraces you in her big warm arms.
Theo, that's so romantic. You make me swoon.
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