Wednesday, May 03, 2006

For the pondering pig

Here's MG and Sunshine when we wuz in England in 1999. I havent seen them since then. I hear tell they were up in Eugene though when Babbs and the boys pulled the bus out of the swamp.

That be Sunshine all right. A few more pounds on her than 1966 - but still the sunshiny smile as of yore. Thanks for posting it. I told my pal Melanie Kinkead (see Janis Joplin post) to come look - she knew her too in those strange days.
BTW, I posted a reply earlier today but it hasn't shown up. Maybe Blogger is having probs but if two comments to the same effect from me show up, that's why.
I'll take your word for it Senor Pig. The only pics I've seen of MG are from years ago and Sunshine was just another leaping babe on step-dad Jerry's lap.

If Melanie stops by, say Hi. It's always nice to have company.
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