Friday, May 05, 2006

Funny stuff guys! you have to check out the Ashcroft and Cheney cards!

Ha ha!

You know, God sent me to Southern Arizona to neutralize Leonard's vote in November.

We ARE the dialectic. All else is mirage.
I guess it depends upon your perspective. Essentially, we may neutralize each other, giving way for some rapscallion to take office. But, what if I vote the same as you? There's always that possibility. Hmm. More to ponder. (see, it is wearing off on me).
What are these cards anyways? Foggy, where do you get this crap from?
Good point there, Leo. I have a feeling you and I are in harmony on Congressional District 8 when it comes to immigration. I will not go for these extremists who want to militarize the border.
In the end, it's about where you live, where you hang your hat. Those that really understand the border are those that live there. How can some well intentioned congress-person from Louisiana or Vermont understand border woes? At the same time, who but someone from California, Arizonia, New Mexico, Texas, understand a contiguous border. It don't mean nothing if you're from Nebraska (no offense to Nebraskanites). It is what it is.

You'd have to build a wall on the level of the Great Wall of China plus put razor wire and cameras and dogs and uzi-armed thugs on the sonnofabitch. Practical?

Cheaper to let them in and contribute, even minimally, to the US economic situation? Personally, I think they contribute a damn whole lot more than we can calculate. Migra workers always get the short end in capitalism. They're the ones that have to justify their worth when profiteers suck the dollars from their sewat-drenched bodies. Give the workers their due. They do what our kids think as menial. They don't get paid squat, compared to regular American workers.

Do what the reactionary conservatives demand and you'd spend money to detain people who'd then be doing diddley-squat. Great. Then detain them for a few months until you can ship them home. Then multiply the whole mess so you don't forget anyone on the fringes. Then we've spent billions, nay, trillions to stop a mass of people from coming here and doing literally what no one here will do.

We wonder why folk in power in the middle-east seem to gain foothold here? We wonder why migrants from where ever they come from seem to have a hold on our economy and we don't know what to do?

It's Capitalism, baby. That's how it works. No regrets. No problem. Suck it up and realize that we need the world when we exploit the world. I'm not saying it's wrong. On the contrary. I'm saying to embrace it. Employ the masses yearning to be free.

Hell, my kids won't do it and neither will yours. Better get it where you can.
If a Mexican worker's choice is: a) stay in Mexico and earn $10 a week, or b) go to the USA and earn $100 a week, then he is not really being exploited.

If I am shopping for labor, I would rather pay $100 a week than $1000; there is no difference if I am shopping for a car. Should I be forced to buy the more expensive model? No. I am free to choose. There are employers breaking the law concerning hiring undocumented workers, but this is a morally gray area: Do I feel guilty when I mash the gas pedal and drive 20 mph over the limit because I want to get somewhere faster? No. Am I willing to pay the fine? Sure.

Here are the basic planks in my personal platform on immigration reform:

1) Documentation. Every person in this nation should be able to prove where they were born. I can, and I'm old. In this modern age, there are record-keeping methodologies, finger prints, biometrics, DNA, computer technologies and many tools that can provide this basic service. With an effective database, the USA can enact comprehensive, reformed immigration laws, and ultimately either grant citizenship where the new law allows or apply some sort of policy with effective sanctions to those who overstay their welcome or who enter illegally. I think, to some extent, this is already being done.

2) Mexican Marshall Plan. This would be controversial. But we helped Japan and Germany rebuild themselves. If we help Mexico with massive aid that is linked to verifiable politcial reform in Mexico, then we are also helping ourselves.

When you drive from Naco, Ariz., to Naco, Sonora, and beyond, there is something striking about that region: It's the same beautiful mountainous region that you see on the north side of the border, where half-million-dollar homes are being built.

I say: Share the wealth and spread it southward. Win win.
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