Monday, May 22, 2006

Joe and Chet

I found a snap of Country Joe and Family Dog Chet from 1997. It was 30 years after you-know-what. My wife was at this anniversary event. I was passsing kidney stones at the VA hospital in Palo Alto. They had more fun than me for sure.

There was a good man at the Helm in those times. I posted about the Chet Helms Tribal Stomp in Golden Gate Park last October. You can check it out here
Mine are all secondary thoughts. The Pig was his friend. What more can anyone say?

He was his friend.

Chet championed the community spirit, the individual artist (artists)and worked in spite of the corporate machine. Brother Chet was a man working with people rather than a corporation working with a system. I think he loved what he did.

Not to fault Brother Graham. He rode the new rock and roll roller-coaster. Heck. He created the new roller-coaster. He was, well, Bill Graham.

In any event, I love to see the community spirit maintained, the "Chet Helms" in the world remembered. The other makes the money, makes the system, continues the process. The Chets of the world tried to make something out of the people and give it back to the people. Someone else can give better thoughts than I on this idea.

All I can add is: Trust your kids and their funky quirks. Have fun with the weird thoughts you have. Give love to everyone, especially the shit-heads you hate, especially your enemies. Walk humbly with your God. If you have no God right now, don't make it money or power or lust. Just walk humbly.

"Free your mind and your ass will follow". A dead guy said that and he was smart.

"War is over, if you want it". Another dead guy said that and he was right.
Second word. I have some pics of Country Joe in 1981 at the University of Wiscinsin-Milwaukee. He was doing a thing with Paul Krassner. I'll post 'em when I learn how to scan images from transparencies.

They never taught me that in photo school 30 years ago.
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