Thursday, May 25, 2006

Long Time

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.... Larreee! Where are you? Did we scare you away? Did we become esoteric or something? Have we lost our pithy charm?

Aside from Dave's posts and Ted's great grandpappy, we seem to have found ourselves wallowing in ineptitude or something. Remember when this thing started and we'd ponder the very cores of our existences on a daily basis? Missives posted from hospital waiting rooms and pics uploaded from camera phones. We were cutting edge. We were the real deal. I remember like it was just last year, when Larry was lamenting life and dread and angst, the veritable sickness unto death, were the watchwords of the day. The words were hard and biting and yet they still embodied the whimsy of a lifetime mis-spent. We stomped on the terra, dammit. Now we sit in chaise lounges, sipping Red Bull and Stoly, and playing armchair reminiscence games like a buncha old Atari arcade junkies.

Frankly, I'm embarassed to know me. I must repent. To that end, I post this image of the prodigal himself looking particularly miffed.

Photo by Leo

Right on, Brother.
Leo not to worry, you know we all get busy it's up to us to pick up the slack, when Lar gets back on it will be worth the wait, Thanks for the words, on Buck
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