Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Photo by Leo
Got nuttin' new. Just an old cow pic. I feel remis for not blogging more proficiently these last few days, nay, weeks. Please accept this as my humble contribution to this weeks' posts. Sorry. Moo.

Hey Leo! I just figured out this atom and rss stuff today and it's cool. I can tell when people post and can respond more quickly. I didn't know you guys had atom set up on the blog or Id have set it up sooner. Newsfeeds is cool.

Thanks for the comments on the pics. I borrowed the Dylan and Ginsburg photo from an old newspaper clip I have from Rolling Thunder days. The Stillife at the grave was set up by my friend Waxie in 1992 when we visited Lowell. I had the Lightenin' Hopkins polaroid for years. I don't know who shot it but I have the only copy. Me wife Annie scanned it for me.

Dont feel bad about the cow. its a nice cow. Its not real descript but it's a nice cow. You'll get the swing back. But the cow is nice.
I am ignorant of the RSS process, even though Leo has tried to explain it before.

Please enlighten me as to why it is relevant to my life.
RSS enables people to monitor when changes are made on websites. In the case of a blog, when one of us posts a new image or words, the RSS script broadcasts a signal to anyone running a news service onn their workstation and tells them of the change. Wire and news services have done it for a long time, it's just simple enough for us regular guys to use now.
How do you run a news service on your workstation? Where do I begin?
Leo always takes the best cow photos - that's why I never take any, cos Leo, he be da cow pic man - yeah! =)
LOL, Peggi! "he be da cow pic man" LOL
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