Friday, May 12, 2006

Okay Pappy.

Grandpa. Here's a clip from "Playboy After Dark" from 1969. Word has it, some prankster dosed the drinks of Hefner's guests, so they were all on equal ground. Other word is that Hef sent a letter to the boys, thanking them for a most eventful evening trip. My thought is that the Dead were probably the saner minds in the house that night. Click the Jerry Poster below and watch.

So sweet. I loved the British Invasion style harpsichord obligato around Jerry's voice. Who is the keyboard guy in the background, Dead aficionados? I didn't recognize him. It's not Pigpen, that's for sure!
I guess the young man got one here. The harpsichord is Tom Conatanten. He was a buddy of Phil's who added the necessary wooga-wooga when it was called for. Tom is a musical genius, not unlike Phil.

It was Tom on "Mountaiuns of the Moon" and the carnival sound on the original "Cosmic Charlie".

Tom records today with and without Bob Bralove. He still plays dead songs, mostly because he afforded crittical harmony when it was called for.

I hooked this and loved it. I was in a duel with the Foghorn guy and tried my hardest to beat his time. It was a battle. Foggy, I love you. I think the Playboy link was a sure deal. Mountains of the Moon on Hef's show is the best. Damn. I thought it unbeatable.

Life goes on, bra, la la how that life goes on.
Leo, that's aggood one. If I'da founmd it, i'da posted it. You win this time. I dont have the patience I once did to think that fast for the good ones. If it aint good right away, I usually quit now because I'd have to do it all night. The Hefner show was a cool video for sure. You deserve to win for that one. Hef looks dosed for sure. Thats a funny one. Should we write Hef and see?
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