Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cananea, Sonora

It's a busy little city about 30 minutes southwest of Naco. Traffickers of every stripe are here, but copper mining is the main economic engine of this city of 30,000 people. Aurelio Rodriguez, who spent nine seasons with the Detroit Tigers, came from here. He was known for his strong defensive skills.

One monument appears to have a list of names, probably soldiers who died in action. The fountain is elegant but I am not sure it's working, and the bright blue of its pool is garish. The building in the background has a nice arched doorway but it seems to be in decrepit condition. The bust is just out of place. No bit of green shrubbery or sprig of grass softens the concrete. To me this is a sad scene, but I suppose this little plaza was intended to be decorative. On the bright side, the three elements in the plaza are neatly and freshly painted. I guess that's the one element of hopefulness here.

Have I gone overboard in analyzing this? ;)
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