Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More or less today...

Image by Leo
The sky grayed and the clouds of dust came down from the north. Shadows got weird. The eternally present mountains of my youth were suddenly swallowed in brown blowing dirt. Lightning struck horizontally, vertically, anyway it wanted, burning the back yard about ten acres from here. Enough electricity in the air to power a city like Chicago for a week.
And it continues and continues.

Hail pelted steadily, no, crazily, as we tried to secure our little piece of the terra firma.

They call this the desert but, today, it is a running riverbed. While the rest of America suffers the warming effect, we here are finally cooled with 65 degree breezes and grey
Pacific Northwest skies.

Tomorrow will bring 100 degree plus temperatures and another cloudy afternoon. Hurricanes are fueling our air with the moisture we've lacked for most of the last decade. Some people elsewhere dread this weather, but we silly desert rats smile and dance in it, hoping the power goes out so we can stare aimlessly at the night sky, awestruck. When the clouds break, as always,
the universe is our replacement for the TV screen.

the power died in our small (4000 people) town last year. I went walking around and woke the next day with a gimpy neck from looking up all night!

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