Sunday, July 30, 2006

My first live rattlesnake

He was just a wee fella, but I'm told those can be the most dangerous ones because they'll inject ALL their venom into you. I was wearing street shoes, hiking through mud along the river and through lots of brush. A little guy like this could have tagged me easily.

Wow, Chronicler, I'm truly impressed that you stopped to get a pic of that guy ... in all my years in the desert I've never seen a live rattlesnake (except for one slithering across the road that I proceeded to squish - with my car, and even that gave me goosebumps =) Great pics - I'm glad you're posting again =)
Thanks Peggi!
I almost sat upon a Tarantula in a jungle in Ecuador. I bet this snakey's bite would hurt too wouldn't it.
Peggi has expressed my thoughts exactly! I can't believe you got his picture. I'd have been hightailing it out of there. He looks rather coiled to me.
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