Tuesday, August 15, 2006

american guru

This is Freedom Road. The name, he says, was given to him by the angels. Freedom lives in the purple truck. He is approximately 80 years old. He is a strict vegetarian and performs yoga to absorb energy from the Earth. For his meager material needs, he uses his Social Security check. He loves the city park and cannot fathom why people would wear shoes there. He takes showers at the community pool. Freedom plans to relocate soon either to California or Barcelona, Spain. Also, he has received word from the angels that it is time for a name change. Earth Angel is now his name. He changes his name about every 16 years. He has an interesting spiritual reasoning behind this, but I will not attempt to explain it here.

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Well, the next time I plan a trip to the City Park I'm going to take along an extra big picnic lunch (vegetarian, of course) to share with Freedom Road/Earth Angel. Do you think perhaps Yoga in the Park will someday become as famous round these parts as Art in the Park?...thanks for sharing the pics and his story, Chronicler =)
Ahhhhhh, to have the guts to live the truely simpler life...mind you, I would if the Angels told me to.
I saw the cosmic wanderer today, at the local media purveyor, Hastings, where my son works. Freedom was sitting in one of the wing-backed chairs having a coffee and reading. I didnb't want to disturb him, as he was engrossed for sure. My son, Josh, said that he stops in fairly frequently to read the current news and talk with the other patrons.

Ted, you shouda got some shots of inside his truck. He's got potted plants growing on the dashboard and knick-knacks of all sorts.
That is so cool. He looks so happy in the shot of him on the grass. Hooray!
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