Sunday, August 13, 2006

Old Photos and Old Thoughts

I keep on telling everyone exactly the same thing. When you feel the urge to show old photos and relive the halcyon days of youth, you gotta keep it all together and publish the mess. Maybe no one buys it, but when you can riffle your thumb through 75 pages of "YOU", it's a real hoot!

This tome, by the way, is available for purchase at: for a mere $10.99 plus shipping and handling. I'm sure Pig and Foghorn have a ton of this kind of stuff. Let's go. As the used to say in the old TV cop shows, "No one moves, no one get's hurt".

I love the suit with the cow.
I knew Lar when he was young and silly. Unfortunately, I did not have the distinct pleasure of knowing Len in those days, although he and I did serve as groomsmen at Larry's wedding. Truly, these two were Milwaukee's finest.
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