Thursday, September 28, 2006

Come and Visit

I'm on a serious streak and have started writing elsewhere for a while. Don't take anything without a doubt. Never accept what you see wikthout question. Free your mind and your ass will follow.

Don't drink. Don't take drugs. Walk righteously and freely with your God. Keep your mind clear. Just don't pray to God and Allah and Buddah and then expect to win the lottery. In the end, none of them care if you win or not. The message is bigger than what they can do for you and me. It's who they are. More exactly, it's who God is.

I don't pretend that all religions who adhere to monotheism praise the same God. I'm just saying there is one God and his name is mystery to us all. All we can do is know him if we seek him. His ways are not ours and that is a good thing. We'd really be in trouble if he did what we wanted. We are better off just trusting him. Posted by Picasa


I hope you haven't left here.

Several hours ago, I was trying to find a photo I thought I had posted long ago here on Western Blues. It was a mouse caught dead in a spring trap. Not gory. Macabre, I suppose.

I searched through every month. Skimming and scanning for that mouse.

We have evolved since April 2005. I know I have.

When you have a couple of minutes, take a spin through the past 16 months.

It's a hoot.
One more thing.

Leo, you say, "I'm on a serious streak."

So now I wonder:

You forgot to mention "love God, love yer neibour" everything else hangs on these two principles...think about it.
Leo, for some reason the words "Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10) just kept coming to me when I read this post ... sometimes I think we all spend too much time "seeking" God, He's already here..with us all the time.
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